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Forms Abandoned or Foreclosed Property
Forms Abnormal Water Pressure
Forms Animal at Large
Forms Animal Welfare Check
Forms Barking Dog
Forms Board or Commission Question
Forms Brush and Tree Limbs
Forms Brush Burn Request
Forms Brush/Limbs in Street or R.O.W.
Forms Bundled Limbs Pick-Up Request
Forms Car Seat Installation
Forms Carbon Monoxide Inspection
Forms Cemetery Question
Forms City Line Locate (Please indicate Requesting Party)
Forms Cruelty to Animal
Forms Custodial Issue
Forms Dangerous Animal
Forms Deseased Animal
Forms Dilapidated or Unsafe Structure
Forms Discolored or Cloudy Water
Forms Drainage Concern
Forms Election Question
Forms Fire Alarm Inspection
Forms Fire Extinguisher Training
Forms Fire Hydrant Issue
Forms General Information
Forms Grave Site Needs Leveling or Dirt Filled In
Forms Ground Discharge of Contaminated Water, Oil or Grease
Forms Grounds grooming needed (Hillcrest, Calvary & Evergreen only)
Forms High Grass and Weeds
Forms Home Fire Safety Inspection
Forms Illegal Dumping in Park
Forms Illegal Dumping in Street
Forms Illegal Dumping on City Right-of-Way or Easement
Forms Limb and Grinding Service ($50 per hour/$25 per half hour)
Forms Littering Along Street or In Street
Forms Lost and Found
Forms Low Hanging Limbs
Forms Manhole Cover Concern
Forms Meter Not Accessible/Notify Property Owner
Forms Meter Replacement Change Out Request
Forms Meter Test Request
Forms Missed Trash Pick-Up
Forms Missing or Damaged Street Sign
Forms Mowing Concerns
Forms Need Replacement Trash Cart
Forms Need To Mark A Grave Site
Forms Non-Emergency Request
Forms Nuisance Animal
Forms Obstructed Street View
Forms Officer Complaint
Forms Open Records Request (Fees Apply)
Forms Overflowing Dumpster
Forms Parking on Grass/Not Approved Surface
Forms Permit or No Permit Question
Forms Personnel Issue
Forms Play Equipment Maintenance
Forms Pothole Repair Request
Forms Re-Read Request/Excessive Water Usage
Forms Report a Crime or Drug Tip
Forms Report a Substandard Structure
Forms Report Unbagged Trash
Forms Reserve Ball Fields
Forms Sewer Back-Up
Forms Sewer Gas Smell
Forms Sewer Line Break (City Line)
Forms Sign up for e-Alerts to receive Alert information from the City of Marlin.
Forms Smoke Detector Question/Inspection/Installation
Forms Street Sign/Other Sign Issue
Forms Theft of Water
Forms Unclean Premises
Forms Unsanitary Dumpster Corral or Bad Odor
Forms Water / Sewer Plant
Forms Water Leak on City Line
Forms Water Meter Leak
Forms Water Taste or Odor Concerns