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Mosquito Tips for Your Home
In Texas, a mosquito can complete its aquatic life cycle in as little as five days depending on the water temperatures and food supply available to them. Breaking their life cycle within this time period is typically the most effective and efficient means of mosquito control.

Dump Standing Water 
    • Pool cover that collects water, neglected swimming pool, hot tub or childimages[11]_thumb_thumb.jpg’s wading pool. 
    • Birdbath (clean weekly) and ornamental pool (stock with fish). 
    • Any toy, garden equipment or container that can hold water. 
    • Flat roof without adequate drainage. 
    • Clogged rain gutter (home and street). 
    • Leaky faucet or pet bowl (change water daily). 
    • Uncovered boat or boat cover that collects water. 
    • Tree rot holes or hollow stump. 
    • Junk and discarded tires (drill drain holes in bottom of tire swings).

You should also…. 
    • Repair and replace missing, damaged or improperly installed screens. 
    • Get rid of tin cans, bottles, jars, buckets, drums and other containers, or keep them empty. 
    • Empty your small plastic wading pool weekly and store it indoors when not in use. Make certain your swimming pool is properly maintained and the cover stored so it won’t collect water. 
    • Don’t let runoff water from your air conditioner accumulate in shady areas. Repair faulty septic fields. 
    • Keep in mind that mosquito’s rest in vegetation and other protected places; keep the grass cut and bushes trimmed. 
    • Wear light colored clothing (white is best) and a white hat as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. 
    • Wear long selves and long pants to minimize exposed skin. 
    • Homeowners can purchase biological mosquito control products at garden centers, home supply and other retailers. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) is the active ingredient; it destroys the intestinal lining of the mosquito larvae. Another product contains methoprene which prevents the larvae from developing into adults. Barrier sprays are also available that can be sprayed on vegetation where mosquitoes rest. 
    • Check out various mosquito repellent products and follow label instructions.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your time outdoors.