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Marlin Permit Department

The Marlin Permit & Inspection Department issues permits for building, remodeling, addition to and demolition of structures within the city. We also issue permits for the movement of houses, structures and mobile homes.

When and where do I obtain a permit?

A permit must be obtained for any and all work, including electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical, before any work begins in the City of Marlin. Permits may be obtained in our office at 101 Fortune Street, Marlin Texas 76661.

Building permits must be obtained for:

  • Building a new structure
  • Remodeling an existing structure
  • Addition to a structure
  • Moving a mobile home
  • Moving a house or other structure
  • Demolishing a house or other structure
  • Installing a fence
  • Installing a new sign or replacing a face on an existing sign

Follow these required steps to ensure a safe and compliant building:

Submit one (1) copy of the approved stamped plans for commercial projects and one (1) set of detailed plans for residential projects to the Inspection Department for review and approval.
Prior to the building permit being issued, subcontractors may apply for electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits as needed.

Request inspections on all permits issued by the Permit Department. After all inspections have been completed and finalized, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued upon request so that the new structure may be occupied.

The State of Texas requires that a licensed contractor be hired on commercial projects valued in excess of $50,000 to coordinate all phases and types of construction for your project.

For On-Line Permit Application, see the section to the left of your page.

Building inspections are scheduled by phone or through our office at 101 Fortune Street, Marlin. Please contact us for details: (254) 883-1450 x223.