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Community Organizations
We all believe we have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens.

That’s why we encourage all Marlinites to participate in pro bono and community service activities that reflect their passions and interests. If you seek to strengthen and contribute to your community by providing your services, talents, and leadership ability to individuals and community organizations that serve those in need, please contact one of the locate groups within this section. We are proud of the work accomplished by each and every one in the community who share their time and energy to assist those less fortunate.

A way of solving local problems
When people become involved in their neighborhoods they can become a potent force for dealing with local problems. Through coordinated planning, research and action, they can accomplish what individuals working alone could not. When people decide they are going to be part of the solution, local problems start getting solved. When they actually begin to work with other individuals, schools, associations, businesses, and government service providers, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

A way of improving livability
Citizens can make cities work better because they understand their own neighborhoods better than anyone else. Giving them some responsibility for looking after their part of town is a way of effectively addressing local preferences and priorities. Understandably, boosting citizen participation improves livability.

A way of rekindling community
Active citizens can help to create a sense of community connected to place. We all live somewhere. As such we share a unique collection of problems and prospects in common with our neighbors. Participation in neighborhood affairs builds a recognition of here-we-are-together, and a yearning to recapture something of the tight-knit communities of the past. Neighborhood groups can act as vehicles for making connections between people, forums for resolving local differences, and a means of looking after one another. Most important, they can create a positive social environment that can become one of the best features of a place.