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Tourism Director

tourism director

Bryan is married and a father of one, he holds various degrees; an AAS in Sound Technology, B.A. in Mass Communication/Pub. Relations, and a M.P.A. from Texas State University. Bryan prides himself on having strong work ethic and drive, which he has found to be the foundation for his many years of quality professional work performance. Bryan has a knack for meeting new people, and finds delight in having never met a stranger. “Knowledge in creating new and exciting adventures” is something I feel should be invested in professionally and personally. It is my belief you should never stop learning, growing, and exploring our every changing world. I am a goal driven person, and find satisfaction in my past accomplishments, but is dedicated to meeting the challenges of new ones. Also, I find myself delighted in helping others find new adventures to explore. I am proud to be a new team member of the City of Marlin.

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