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Notice to the Citizens from the Mayor

Posted on April 27, 2023

Greetings Marlinites

Around 1:30 a.m., the power went out at the water plant during the thunderstorm. They were able to restore power quickly. However, when the power restored, a 10″ pipe blew. They were able to replace this pipe as well. They then noticed that the flow meter was “fried.” Electricians have repaired this item this morning. The water plant has been pumping water to the city all morning. They were monitoring towers through the communication system, and all towers showed an adequate supply of water. They noticed on recheck less than an hour later that the Mesquite tower went from 27psi to 3 psi approximately one hour ago. Mr. Cohrs, WTP Supervisor is manually checking all towers and is reporting that only the Mesquite tower is out of water, and he can see no obvious reason why. Water is being pumped to the towers and has been all morning. He is requesting electricians look at the communication system for possible malfunction following last night’s storms. Because of this outage, we will be issuing a boil water notice as TCEQ is notified of the outage as well. More updates will be forthcoming, as we receive them from WTP personnel.

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