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Regulations for Cats and Dogs

The following are regulations that must be adhered to if you have or intend to have livestock or hoofed animals within the city limits.

The purpose of these regulations is to provide a safe and healthy environment within the City of Marlin for both animals and people.  While a person may own and keep animals within the City, the conduct of those animals and the conditions that the animals are kept in should be safe and healthy and should not infringe on the surrounding homes and their inhabitants.

All animals kept or harbored within the City of Marlin are required to be marked by some type of identifying license, band, tag, tattoo or brand by which the animal’s owner can be identified.  Animal exempt from this requirement are mice, rats, rabbits, guineas, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, fowl and snakes.

Cats that are properly tagged and vaccinated are allowed to run at large.

Any person who finds an animal which he does not own on property that they own or exercise control over or on public property may take control of the animal if it is running at large and may deliver the animal to the animal control officer.  If the animal is not delivered as such, the person must be report that control effort to the ACO within 72 hours.  If the animal is wearing a tag, that information must be shared with the ACO.

The City recognizes all breeds of Pit Bull, Chow, Doberman, and Rottweiler as dangerous or potential dangerous animals and do so declare this to all owners and care givers.

The owner of an animal declared dangerous by the City of the Animal Control Officer shall report any of the following events within 5 days to the ACO:

  1. Permanent removal of the animal from the City Limits
  2. Death of the Animal
  3. The birth of any offspring, including the number, markings, color and sex
  4. Change of location within the City
  5. Transfer of ownership, including the name and address of the new owner and the location where the animal is to be kept
  6. Confined in an escape proof enclosure at all times and be concealed from the general public at all times

The owner of any animal shall immediately report the escape of an animal declared dangerous by the ACO.

You should immediately report any bites or attacks by any animal on any person or other animal.

Resident can only keep four (4) dogs or cats (in any combination) per single family dwelling or in any apartment within a dwelling for two or more families.  Puppies and/or kittens four months old or under are permitted.

All dogs must be on a leash or confined on the owner’s property at all times.  In public parks, dogs must be on a leash at all times.  Dogs allowed to roam the streets are not only a nuisance and dangerous to the public, but are themselves in danger from cars, irate people, and even other dogs.

All animals in heat are required to be kept in a secure area that prevents a male dog or cat from having access to such female except for controlled breeding permitted by the owner of the female.  A female dog or cat cannot be chained or tethered in a manner that prevents her from defending herself or from avoiding a male.

No person shall possess, keep or harbor a wild animal or wildlife within the city except for pre-approved zoological parks, performing animal exhibits or circuses.  Any wild animal or wildlife found in the City shall be surrendered to the ACO for proper placement in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility.

If the ACO determines that any animal is a nuisance as described:

  • Chases pedestrians, passers-by, passing vehicles including bicycles;Makes unprovoked attacks on other animal of any kind
  • Is repeatedly at-large, 3 times or more per twelve month period
  • Damages private or public property
  • Defecates on property not belonging to or under the control of its owner
  • Barks, whines, howls, crows; cackles or makes any noise excessively and continuously, and such noise disturbs a person ordinary sensibilities
  • Is not confined when in heat
  • Is kept in an area that is not sanitary by sight or by smell

The ACO has the authority to issue an order requiring that the owner meet certain remedial requirements to correct the conduct of the animal.


No person shall leave any animal in any standing or parked vehicle in such a way as to intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence endanger the animals health, safety or welfare.  The ACO or police officer is authorized to use reasonable force to remove the animal from the vehicle whenever it appears that the animals health, safety or welfare is or will be endangered if the owner of the vehicle cannot be located after a reasonable attempt.

It is the duty of the motor vehicle operator to report any accident involving animals, fowl, livestock or hoofed animal.

Dying of animals and or selling dyed animals are strictly prohibited.

Harassment of an animal is prohibited.

Vaccinations and identification of such is required.

Additional regulation may apply; see General Animals Regulations.

If you currently have dogs or cats being kept or harbored in the City Limits of Marlin and you are not in compliance with the current regulations, you could be subject to fines and fees at such time that contact is made by the Animal Control Officer, Police Officer or Code Enforcement Officer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations, please contact the Animal Control Officer at (254) 883-1450 ext. 1022 or via email at animalcontrol@marlintx.net

If you are aware of a situation that the Animal Control Officer needs to check on, you may relay that by using the "Issues" section on the home page.

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