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Welcome to Marlin, TX.

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It is the goal of the Parks and Recreation Department to enrich the quality of life for the community and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the County through provision of outstanding parks, trails, open space, natural areas, recreational activities and Senior Services. Consistent with its mission, the department strives to enhance the city's...

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Parks and recreation news and information.

Fire department news and information.

Contact dispatch at 254-883-9255.

Please visit: https://www.marlinisd.org https://www.baylor.edu https://www.tamu.edu https://www.mclennan.edu https://www.waco.tstc.edu https://www.templejc.edu https://www.umhb.edu https://www.ctcd.edu https://www.blinn.edu

Call the water office @ 883-1450 ext. 1015

Contact the local Falls County Election Office at 254-883-1521. You may also visit the Texas Secretary of State website at https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do

Falls County elections are being held at the County Courthouse which is located at: 1910 Industrial Park Marlin, TX. 76661

Contact the local Elections Office at 254-883-1521.

Contact Code Enforcement 254-883-1450 ext.1022

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