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Author: adminassistant@marlintx.net

Emergency request from Mayor Lofton 8/2/2022

An urgent request from the Mayor: We are asking all citizens to please limit water usage. Due to the ongoing fire fighting efforts, a strain is being put on the city lake . All citizens are encouraged to only use water for bathing, drinking and food preparation. This means that we are asking all to … Continued

Mayor-Marlin Water Update 07/2022

   CITY OF MARLIN 101 FORTUNE STREET MARLIN, TEXAS 6661 TEL: 254-883-1450 FAX: 254-883-1456   IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE WATER UPDATE 07/18/2022   On 07/18/2022, Public Works crews for the city of Marlin finalized the repairs to the Brazos River pump. They began pumping water at a flow of 1700 gallons per minute which would put … Continued

June 2022 Water Bill Due Date

The due date for June 2022 water bills has been extended to June 20, 2022.  If you have any questions please contact the Utility billing department at 254-883-1450.

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