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Marlin’s City-Wide Cleanup

OctOctober 24 2020

Clean up Flyer 2020

Marlin’s City-Wide cleanup

Saturday, October 24,2020  7am ’til 3pm

Calling all citizens

In preparation for 2 major upcoming events in our community, we will be having a city-wide cleanup of our streets, yards, and properties. You can clean your own or help someone else. We will need all lawnmowers, weed eaters, and trash cans on deck. Let’s beautify Marlin and display our Bulldog Pride.

Meeting together at 418 Coleman at 7:00 am

Dumpster Locations:

418 Coleman

216 Falls St.

611 Martin Luther King St.

1112 Ward St.

Volunteers needed for Live Oak St, Walker St., and Williams St.

Refreshment donations for workers accepted
Reach out to neighbors and lend a hand

See you there!!!

City of Marlin
101 Fortune St

Marlin, TX 76661



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