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Mayor Lofton Announcement-weather & road conditions

Posted on February 14, 2021


Greetings Marlinites,

Due to the winter weather advisory that has caused extremely hazardous roadway conditions within our city, please remain home until it is safe to move about. Road conditions are extremely dangerous, and we are seeing numerous accidents around town. Marlin PD is short staffed because employees, who live outside of the city, are unable to travel into the city to work due to the weather and road conditions. County law enforcement officers are assisting but have accidents they are working in other parts of the county. Our city fire truck was narrowly missed by 2 separate vehicles traveling at unsafe speeds for these conditions. As conditions continue to deteriorate, it will be impossible for law enforcement or other emergency personnel to safely get to you. At this moment, wait times for emergency assistance are exceeding 2-3 hours due to the amount of traffic that is moving around which is resulting in more incidences that require attention. The roadways are too hazardous for emergency personnel and we need citizens to remain home in order to protect their own lives and the lives of emergency personnel. The City of Marlin does not have the equipment to sand roads. TXDOT is working to make main thoroughfares passable. The fact that these thoroughfares remain impassable (Hwys 6 and 7), speaks to the severity of the situation we are facing, and this could not have been prevented by anyone. Effective immediately, emergency personnel will only respond to true emergency situations. All citizens are encouraged to STAY HOME in order to minimize the potential for more accidents and injuries within the city. Frostbite in these temperatures can occur in less than 1 hour. It will take emergency crews longer than this to get to you based on the volume of calls we are seeing at this time. Please, for your protection and the protection of others, I am asking that you stay in your homes.

Hon. Mayor Carolyn Lofton



February 14, 2021


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