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Park facilities & locations

It is the goal of the Parks and Recreation Department to enrich the quality of life for the community and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the County through provision of outstanding parks, trails, open space, natural areas, recreational activities and Senior Services.

Consistent with its mission, the department strives to enhance the city's natural beauty, establish, maintain and protect parks and natural spaces where citizens can pursue leisure activities; coordinate recreational, educational, and athletic activities that promote positive community values.

At Marlin Parks and Recreation, we take your fun very seriously. Our mission is “To enrich lives through recreation, leisure and culture” and that is exactly what we try to do. And we are currently growing to better expand recreation opportunities for Marlin and Falls County residents.

The Marlin public park system consists of a variety of park land, ranging from community parks that offer a variety of recreational amenities and small mini and neighborhood parks, located on one or two acre sites, as well as open space and small passive settings. Many parks have covered pavilions that can be reserved for special events.

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