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Urgent Alert from Mayor Lofton- Water Conservation/Warming Center

Posted on February 14, 2021

URGENT ALERT February 14, 2021

This morning, at approximately 6:30 am, the Marlin Municipal Water Plant lost full electrical power. The backup generator, which is tested monthly, kicked in but blew a belt around 7:30 am. The belt has been replaced and the generator is operational. Oncor arrived at approximately 2:00 pm and was able to get the electricity restored. However, both compressor systems were knocked out by the storm and are inoperable. A certified electrician has tried to make repairs to no avail. We currently have enough reserves to last until 9 am Monday morning. Falls County leadership has graciously extended us the use of a compressor and we are working to get it operational. We have identified another compressor in Waco, but we are unable to retrieve it due to the weather. We will need customers to conserve water over the next few hours to stretch our current supply. TCEQ has been notified and they are working with the City regarding this emergency.

We have spoken with the Superintendent of Marlin ISD and the Junior High gymnasium has been made available as a warming center as needed. Please call Marlin PD if you are in need of assistance for warmth or shelter. 254-883-9255

Hon. Mayor Carolyn Lofton

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