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Author: citysecretary@marlintx.net


NANOSTONE UPDATE:   On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the City of Marlin was granted approval from TCEQ for the Nanostone filter replacement at the WTP with some conditions. More on this to come after we meet with engineers regarding the conditions of approval.

Visit to Austin March 17, 2023

Greetings Marlinites, On Friday, March 17, the Mayor and City Manager travelled to Austin to meet with a member of Governor Abbott’s Policy and Budgetary division regarding potential support for upgrading and improving our aging pipe system in Marlin. We presented our issues and concerns and provided a booklet that showcases the problems we are … Continued

Update: 3/1/2023

  Crews were not able to complete repairs to the leak on Hwy 7 but will resume in the morning. We have not heard that anyone is without water thus far. We pray no one is without tonight.

Update : 3/1/2023 4:45 pm

    Once again, our 100 year old infrastructure is experiencing more surprises.  Crews are currently working a major leak on Hwy 7 just outside the city limit in a field. This line is not on current maps and is unfamiliar to our crews. They are trying to locate valves to isolate this line so … Continued

Water Update 12:42pm 3/1/2023

UPDATE: We are waiting on the arrival of the pipe needed to replace the water main. We are also getting the heavy equipment needed to make this replacement. We have been in communication with Marlinite Mayor Jody Czajkoski from Conroe. We are forever grateful to him for any support he can provide. In addition, we … Continued

Water Update 3/1/2023

Good morning, Our aged infrastructure continues to present challenges here in our community. The break that was temporarily repaired broke again. We are waiting on equipment that will help us dig deep enough to replace this water line. We are making a permanent replacement of this water line. The water has been turned off in … Continued

Update nod power and water

Electricity has been restored at the water plant. The leak has been temporarily repaired for the night, and valves are back on. They will need to complete repairs tomorrow once parts arrive so they will be turning the water off again sometime during the day tomorrow. The intersection of Coleman and Oaks is closed until … Continued

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