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Animal Control


(254) 883-1450 ext. 1022
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed for Lunch
12:00 pm- 1:00 pm
24 Hour On-Call

What is animal control?

  1. Animal Control means protecting pets and wild animals from the dangers they face in the wild and on the streets.
  2. Animal Control means protecting people and property from the dangers and nuisance of roaming uncontrolled animals.

Your animal control program depends on your support!!

Animal problems begin with people

The health and safety of animals and people are at risk when irresponsible pet owners

  1. allow their pets to roam free
  2. fail to observe laws and ordinances
  3. allow their pets to have unwanted litters

Solutions begin with animal control

Your community’s animal control program can solve these problems…with your help.

The picture is not a pretty one when roaming free animals may:

  1. Bite people…A major public health problem
  2. Spread disease…Among themselves and human beings
  3. Destroy property…Everything from lawns to livestock
  4. Breed…Producing more animal problems
  5. Cause traffic accidents… Resulting in animal and human suffering
  6. Die…From accidents, fights, starvation, disease, exposure and inhumane treatment.

Uncontrolled animals are an expensive problem

In addition to the cost from injury and property damage, millions of tax dollars are spent
each year to shelter and euthanize homeless, injured or unwanted animals.

The animal control agency in your community will:

  1. License animals to help identify and aid in the return of lost pets
  2. Enforce ordinances, such as leash laws, laws governing vaccinations and humane treatment
  3. Cruelty Investigations
  4. Complaint Investigations
  5. Animal Rescue
  6. Bite Investigation and Animal Quarantine.
  7. Educate the public, to make citizens aware of animal control problems and ways to help solve them.
  8. Develop and operate a shelter and adoption program, to protect and find homes for unwanted animals.
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