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Regulations for Livestock and Hoofed Animals

The following are regulations that must be adhered to if you have or intend to have livestock or hoofed animals within the city limits.

Hogs, Sows and Pigs are not permitted within the City Limits, no exceptions.

You may not allow any livestock or hoofed animal to be pastured, herded, staked or tied in any street, lane, alley, park or other public place.  Must have property owner’s permission and may not be allowed to trespass upon private, public or neighboring property.

Livestock or hoofed animals may not remain tied or staked beyond sunset.

You may not keep or harbor any livestock or hoofed animal within the City in a pen or other enclosure situated at any point closer than two hundred (200) feet to any residence, excluding the residence of the person keeping or harboring the livestock or hoofed animal.

Livestock and hoofed animals must have at least six hundred (600) square feet of shelter area per animal except for those persons who hold right, by title or lease, to at least 1.5 acres per animal at the site where the livestock is kept or harbored.

You are not allowed to ride any livestock or hoofed animal in the downtown area or on any public street of sidewalk.

If you currently have livestock or hoofed animals being kept or harbored in the city limits of Marlin and you are not in compliance with the current regulations, you could be subject to fines and fees at such time that contact is made by the Animal Control Officer, Police Officer or Code Enforcement Officer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations, please contact the Animal Control Officer at (254) 883-1450 ext.1022 or via email at animalcontrol@marlintx.net

If you are aware of a situation that the Animal Control Officer needs to check on, you may relay that by using the “Issues” section on the home page.

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