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Safe Exchange Spot

Chief Hommel of the Marlin Police Department:

I have taken steps to establish a designated a public Safe Spot for both Child Custody Exchange and Internet Purchase Exchanges. This location is used to protect residents from scammers and dangerous situations related to sale and purchase of items. Member of the public are free to meet face to face in a safe area.

The location is also used for divorced and separated parents to exchange their children safely. It serves to deter any potential violence from occurring when parents exchange their kids.

The location is available 24/7, and no reservations is needed. The location video recorded and is located right outside the police dispatch door in the Police department parking lot.

We are just trying to promote a safety for families going through crisis of a breakup and people trying to exchange items with out the worry of a potential bad situation from meeting someone that they don’t know.

PD Safe Spot

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