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Visit to Austin March 17, 2023

Posted on March 20, 2023

Greetings Marlinites,

On Friday, March 17, the Mayor and City Manager travelled to Austin to meet with a member of Governor Abbott’s Policy and Budgetary division regarding potential support for upgrading and improving our aging pipe system in Marlin. We presented our issues and concerns and provided a booklet that showcases the problems we are experiencing here. We left with a promise of a direct contact to assist Marlin with grant opportunities through state agencies and support with application processes for these grants. We also visited our state representatives’ office, Angela Orr, while in Austin. She was not in, but we spoke with her staffers as her office was provided the same letter that was sent to Governor Abbott’s office. We are hopeful that we will hear from her soon and receive her support. The same letter was also sent to Senator Brian Birdwell’s office. I have spoken with his staffer, and they are also looking for grant opportunities for Marlin’s aging pipe system. Continue to pray for our community as we actively seek financial support for upgrades that will support current efforts to make Marlin a great place to live.

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