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Nanostone Approval 2021

Posted on September 2, 2021

Greetings Marlinites,

It was stated on Tuesday night, August 31, 2021 during our Special Called meeting that the Nanostone pilot had “not been approved.” The previous city council approved the upgrade to the Nanostone ceramic filters around November or December 2020. This current council approved to allow our current engineers to initiate the pilot study and installation of filters as a separate entity from the engineers who are working on our water plant and drainage project July 13, 2021. We submitted our request to TCEQ and TWDB for approval and they approved for Portillo and Assoc to complete the pilot study and install. Below is the timeline submitted to the city last week from Water Resources of the timeline for installation and completion of the pilot project. I have also included pictures of the completed prototype for the Nanostone pilot and they are awaiting approval from TCEQ to begin the install of the prototype and test run. After the test run is complete, TCEQ will approve for the full install of our Nanostone ceramic membrane filtration system. The completed plant upgrade could take 6-9 months and Marlin will have a water filtration system that will produce quality water for 20 years. This 20 year guarantee will allow the city to have any failed membrane replaced at NO COST to the city.

Hon. Carolyn Lofton
Mayor, City of Marlin


  • Days For System Build and TCEQ Pilot Plan Submission,               30 – 45 Days and TCEQ Pilot Approval
  • Days for WRC Shop testing                                                                5 Days
  • Days for Pilot System Install                                                               5 Days
  • Days for On-site Tuning.                                                                     5 Days
  • TCEQ Pilot Run                                                                                  30 Days
  • TCEQ “Crash Run”                                                                             10 Days
  • Skid CIP After Crash Run                                                                   1 Day
  • Post CIP Validation Run                                                                     5 Days
  • TCEQ Data Formalizing With Final Report                                        15 days
  • Final TCEQ NANOSTONE Plan Approval                                         45 – 60 Days
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