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Note: Volunteers Pothole Patching

Posted on March 24, 2021

Thanks to all who have reached out the City of Marlin to volunteer their time and labor. In recent months we have had multiple communications from individual citizens offering to assist the city in filling potholes in particular areas of the city, and we have worked with them in doing so by providing the fill materials needed. We appreciate everyone’s community efforts to help improve upon the aged-out infrastructure of the city. These volunteer projects are coordinated through our Public Works Department and its staff. Public Works Director- Fornash, will create you or your group a temporary action plan that will include your submitted work order, the name of the street with the block number(s) you wish to volunteer on, how many volunteers will be involved in your group and your group contact person that will be assisting in getting the chosen street potholes filled. The city will be in touch with the contact person soon after the work order with pertinent volunteer and site location information is provided to the city. Thank you and any other volunteers again for your offer of assistance in filling potholes in multiple areas of the city until a more permanent solution is found.



Cedric Davis Sr., C.P.M.

City Manager


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