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Notice: Update on Water Tower/Warming Centers

Posted on February 15, 2021

CORRECTION: The Junior High School gym is currently without power and water. The Marlin Men’s Civic Center should be available as a warming station after noon today.

Hon. Mayor Carolyn Lofton

UPDATE:12:00 pm February 15, 2021

TXDOT is currently in route to the facility in Waco to pick up the trailer with the compressor and deliver it to the Marlin Water Plant. Based on road conditions, this could take some time. As of now, many citizens continue to have running water. Please keep conserving water as we await the arrival of the compressor and complete the installation. Thank you all for your continued support of our city personnel during this unexpected emergency situation.

The warming station at the Marlin Jr. High School gymnasium is available as a warming station for anyone needing assistance at this time. You will need to bring your own water, blankets and food ( the facilities will not provide these items). If you’re reporting to the warning center, please follow COVID precautions (e.g., mask use) if possible.

Hon. Mayor Carolyn Lofton

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