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Update: Water Plant/ Emergency Resources Feb. 22, 2021

Posted on February 22, 2021

UPDATE: Feb. 22, 2021


Water personnel are pumping 1300 gallons per minute into town. We are now at max pumping. Based on this, we should be seeing results in our towers. We are not. They are working major leaks around town which is usurping water. The water is being turned off at the leak until repairs can be completed. Our city crews are surveying the community for any leaks. If you see a leak in our streets, please call City Hall to report it. They are working on some major leaks while others are identifying more. If you experience a leak at your home, please turn off the water from the meter. This saves water as well as prevents you from having expensive water costs. If you are elderly or disabled and cannot turn your water off yourself and you think you have a leak, please contact city hall and we will have someone assist you.


We have located the 2 new compressors and are working out the details to have them shipped here.


I have just received notice from HEB that they have secured non-potable water for Marlin citizens that can be used to flush toilets We will stage these tanks behind city hall in the overflow parking lot. We are waiting for spigots to arrive before the tanks will be ready for use. We are hoping to have these ready for use this afternoon.


We received a call from TDEM today. We were informed that Falls County, along with other rural counties in our area, have been designated as priority 1 counties for resources. The resources that we have been working for and hoping for are expected into this community soon.


Hon. Mayor Carolyn Lofton

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