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Update: Water Plant February 21, 2021

Posted on February 21, 2021

UPDATE: 11:20 am 2/21/2021

City Manager, Cedric Davis, and I visited the Marlin Water plant this morning to assess why we are not receiving water in certain homes. The City of Marlin water continues to flow. Water personnel are pumping 1200 gallons per minute into town. They worked all night pumping this water. We have encountered one leak that we are aware of and it was repaired yesterday. We have someone going to each tower to check the levels as they are not getting a reading at the plant. As the water flows into town, the Mesquite Tower is the first to fill. Once it reaches a certain level, it begins to fill the Royal Tower. Once this tower reaches a certain level, it then fills the Depot Tower. Once it reaches its level, it fills the Hobby Tower. Once Hobby Tower reaches its level, the water returns to the Mesquite Tower and fills it. The plant receives a signal from the Mesquite Tower when it is full signaling that all towers have reached the desired level. In order for each tower to fill, usage has to be DOWN so that each level can be reached. Citizens were asked on yesterday to NOT WASH CARS AND CLOTHES in an effort to allow each tower to fill so that EVERYONE can get water. Citizens receiving water from the Mesquite Tower were asked to ration usage as well. Continued use from the Mesquite Tower will continue to delay the filling of all other towers. As this water is being used, the plant is continuing to refill it trying to reach the desired level. There is no other means of filling all the towers due to the design that was established years ago to create our water system. Please be considerate as we are working to push water across town. We need everyone’s help in order to do this. If you find a leak, please report it to Marlin Police Dept. 254-883-9255

Hon. Mayor Carolyn Lofton

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