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Water Plant update Feb. 16, 2021~6:15pm

Posted on February 16, 2021

UPDATE (6:15 PM, Feb 16):

The Marlin Water Plant has reported a 10″ pipe burst. The plant is currently DOWN!! They are trying to make repairs but needed supplies are not available at local vendors due to other cities having the same issue at their plants and supplies are currently depleted. Water personnel are trying to locate the supplies they need and make arrangements to get the parts here. I cannot emphasize enough how difficult it has been for these workers to try to operate our water plant in subfreezing and freezing temperatures. They are fighting a force of nature that apparently, is difficult to win. Their tenacious spirit keeps them pushing to get water to all of the citizens of Marlin despite insurmountable odds. As previously stated, most cities in Texas are dealing with this same issue because the infrastructure is not built to deal with it. Governor Abbott issued a State of Emergency due to Texas’ inability to withstand the temperatures we are experiencing. The proof of this is evident in all that we are seeing and encountering. We are taking note of the issues we are experiencing so that our city can better prepare for the unlikely event that this occurs again. In the meantime, please locate a warm location and buckle in for another round of wintry weather coming tonight until tomorrow afternoon. Continued prayers for our Community, our State, and our Nation. God bless you all and stay safe.

Hon. Mayor Carolyn Lofton

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