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Home Fire Safety Tips


Help emergency personnel find your house easily by making your address easily visible from the street. 2.5" to 4" numbering is required for the address to be easily seen from the street. If your house is set too far back to be seen, prominently display the numbers on your mailbox.

Home Fire

Home Safety Checklist

  1. Exit doors or windows must be able to open from the inside without tools, keys, or special knowledge.
  2. Store matches and lighters out of the reach of children.
  3. Do not use extension cords as a permanent power supply.
  4. Remove plugs from overloaded outlets.
  5. Do not place extension cords under rugs or carpet.
  6. Allow for at least one foot of air space around electronic equipment to avoid overheating.
  7. Keep fireplaces screened and cleaned regularly.
  8. Do not store snacks or other items that are tempting to children above the range (a child reaching for something above the range could get burned).
  9. Keep heating equipment at least three feet away from any combustible material.
  10. Never leave cooking food unattended.
  11. Always run water over a match before discarding it in the trash.
  12. Never use gasoline to start a fire.
  13. Keep working smoke detectors on each level of a residence, one outside each bedroom. Replace the batteries twice a year and check them once a month.
  14. Keep at least one fire extinguisher in the kitchen in an easily accessible location.
  15. Practice a fire drill every six months.
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