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Municipal Court FAQ’s

Options vary depending on the type of violation you received. You can read over our standard reply form provided on our website to view different options available. If you are not sure if you qualify you can contact the court at 254-883-1450 option 2.

Driver’s Safety Course and Deferred Disposition (additional fees apply)- Contact the court to see if you are eligible.

No, we only handle Class C Misdemeanors given by the local Marlin Police Department. You will have to look at your ticket for the specific court and Judge that will be handling your case.

Contact the court to see if you are eligible for a payment plan. (additional fee applies).

Submitting a plea in writing with the standard reply form and set up some type of arrangement.

A plea of NOT GUILTY must be submitted to the court in writing with a valid address.

Only the Judge can grant community service, please contact the court and request a court date.

Marlin City Hall- 101 Fortune St., Marlin, TX. 76661.

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