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Water Supply

Water Sources & Delivery

Marlin relays on the Marlin Old & New Lakes and the Brazos River Authority for the sources of Water.

The City of Marlin received funding from the Texas Water Development Board for the construction of the New Ultra Filtration Water Plant. Funding in the amount of $10.8mil constructed the new water plant and provided for the replacement of the 18” water main that carries the treated water into the City. The Ultra Filtration Plant process is the latest technology in providing healthy and drinkable water to rural communities. The New Water Plant was completed in September of 2009 and is certainly bringing Marlin into the 21st Century.

This project involved renovation of an existing 2.5 MGD surface water plant by construction of a new 5 MGD ultra filtration membrane surface water treatment plant:

  1. Raw water pump station (3 vertical turbine pumps with VFDs)Influent Splitter Box
  2. Existing Clarifier rehabilitation
  3. Filter Feed Wet Well and Contact Basin
  4. Membrane pre-filters
  5. Ultra Filtration Membrane Filters (2 skids; 108 - 10” cartridges)
  6. Pre-stressed wire-wound concrete clear well (0.75 MG) with baffling for 0.5 baffling factor.
  7. High service pump station (4 vertical turbine pumps with VFDs and 2 backwash pumps with VFDs)
  8. Chemical feed bulk storage area and feed systems
  9. Neutralization tank
  10. Reclaim pond (2 concrete lined basins)
  11. Sludge holding tank
  12. Centrifuge for sludge dewatering
  13. Generator
  14. Electrical
  15. SCADA
  16. Lab/administration area

The project involved abandonment of the old treatment units with only the existing clarifiers remaining in the treatment scheme. The project was funded by the Texas Water Development Board -Drinking Water SRF program.

MRB Group was hired by the City of Marlin to complete Water Treatment Plant improvements.

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