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Disconnect / Return Check Policy

Reasons for Service Disconnection

Water service may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

• Failure to pay a bill
• Failure to pay a requested deposit
• Failure to arrange payment of a returned check
• Unauthorized connection to the water supply system
• Tampering with meters or other auto read equipment
• Violation of any water or wastewater-related City of Marlin ordinances
• When a customer creates a hazardous condition by leaving water on too long

NSF Returned Checks

Returned Checks

If your check is returned to us for any reason you will have 24 hours from the date we notify you (with a door tag) to pay the amount of the check plus a $30.00 returned check fee/bank draft fee and a $10.00 administrative fee. If your water is turned off for nonpayment of the returned check, you will have to pay the returned check amount, the $30.00 returned check fee, the $10.00 administrative fee and a $50.00 reconnection fee. If these fees are not paid by the due date on the door tag, your water will be turned off. You will also have to pay this amount by 2:30 PM if you need your water to be turned back on the same business day. Any payments made after 2:30 PM will be turned on the following business day.

• A note is placed on the account and the city will no longer accept checks for this account.

If a check remains unpaid for 10 days, it is forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for collection.

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